A Warm Welcome to Burleigh Court Hotel

Burleigh Court Hotel is an intimate Grade II listed manor house in the Cotswolds offering a captivating experience of country charm with a splash of luxury served by a highly skilled team.

View over golden valley

Burleigh Court Hotel is an intimate Grade II listed manor house in the Cotswolds offering a captivating experience of country charm with a splash of luxury served by a highly skilled team.

Enjoy the personable atmosphere – just as if you were staying with good friends who happen to live in a manor house.

Burleigh is the idyllic place for guests to escape to from busy lifestyles or just a break from the mundane. From the moment you step inside, until the minute you check out, you will eat well, sleep well and feel well.

Offering panoramic views and 3 acres of beautifully maintained gardens the period manor is a Cotswolds hidden gem. We are located close to many Cotswolds attractions, Minchinhampton Golf Course and many country walks.

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Burleigh Court Hotel


At Burleigh we have an inherited sense of quality and generosity that penetrates all levels of the establishment like a golden thread. From architecture to hospitality – you won’t find us using half measures.


At Burleigh we don’t see our guests as economic statistics – first and foremost, we see them as friends. Our concept is to make your stay as pleasant as possible and at the same time impress with charm and all the advantages Burleigh has to offer. We are putting hosting back into hospitality so do be our guest.


We have room for people – not hierarchy. This defines the style in which we host and sets the tone here at Burleigh. It does not matter who you are or where you come from, feel free to hang up the stresses of daily life and just be yourself.


There is a difference to be found at Burleigh between genuine tradition, relaxed elegance and some quirky elements here and there. If a thing looks old, it probably is. If it is new, it has its roots in craft traditions and is well made.


In a world with ever-increasing disconnectedness and isolation, we want to foster community and create opportunities for people to relate. Burleigh is a place for romantic getaways and retreat from busy lifestyles – yes. But it is also a place to connect, share experiences, expand your network and build friendships. We will host communal BBQs, wine tastings and bonfire nights. For those of you who like good conversations in great settings simply join in.

Charming Bedrooms

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Charming Bedrooms

Burleigh’s guests can choose from 18 rooms including a couple of suits and six pet-friendly chambers. Classy materials, country colours and tasteful design set the scene for a great stay with view over the Cotswolds golden valleys.

Historic Oak Panelled Bar

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Historic Bar

The historic oak panelled room is a cosy place, relax with a pre-dinner drink or enjoy a light meal from our scrumptious bar menu.

Special Offers


Special Offers

Need a treat or want a getaway? Browse our seasonal offers and find the right package for you.

Hotel History

Local tradition would say that the house was built around 1770, for a Japanese ambassador, and that the lake in front of the house was still in existence after 1935. To find the truth meant painstaking work. The County Records Office at Gloucester were helpful and fairly fruitful concerning the last century, but the real breakthrough came when Roger Benson (the previous owner of the Hotel) first met Dr Kearsey, a descendant of a past owner,. and secondly Nicholas Kingsley, who has produced a book on Gloucestershire houses.

In the late eighteenth century the present site of the house appears to have been occupied by two cottages. It is a magnificent site with views over the Golden Valley covering the last ridge of the Cotswolds to the west, over Stroud to Lypiatt in the north, and on to Sapperton Church. On the south side the line follows the top of the hill from Aston Down to Minchinhampton, and on across the Common to Rodborough. In the early days the land encompassed by the estate was considerable, and in comparatively recent times covered Besbury to Burleigh, with 3 farms and 6 similar properties, including Besbury Farm, the Wilderness cottages, and Garden Cottage.

The present house was built in the first years of the 19th Century, and was approached through an avenue of trees from Burleigh. The owner in the early days was George Harmar, who died in 1827, and left the property to his wife Mary. West Lodge, a later addition, stands at the entrance on the west side and the line of trees is still clearly visible. A bridge to take carriages over the road was built in 1897 together with the Coachman’s House, which was later re-named Garden Cottage. The main building is a three storey building with a substantial cellar, built on local golden Cotswold stone, and originally was then central from a forecourt, and had a semi-circular ionic porch. The garden on the South side has five bays and two shallow bows which give a distinctive and unusual effect.

Burleigh Court Hotel
Burleigh Court Hotel